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Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Marie Kondo phenomenon.

She has shone a new light on organization and people everywhere, are taking to “tidying up” their homes and lives the #konmari way.

We spoke to mom-preneur and organization guru- not to mention, Mom to two boys, about her business, Simple Spaces and ways to organize your home.

Simple Spaces is a home organizing business. I organize everything from playrooms to kitchens to pantry’s to garages. It’s a one stop shop! I will get all materials for your project, take away all “donation” piles, and clean up after any job is done.

Simple Spaces also offers assistance with moving or packing for a renovation. I will pack everything in an organized way, which makes it easier to unpack in your new space (which I can also help with too).

Simple Spaces offers business organization as well! If you need a supply closet or file cabinet cleaned out, I have you covered!


How did you get started in your business and why?

I have always had a strange love for organizing. When I was 6 I would organize all of my socks based on color. Organizing is something that has always come natural to me.

My husband was the one who actually gave me the idea to take it to a professional level. He noticed there was nothing left in our house to organize and said “why don’t you do this for other people?”

Organizing brings me so much joy (as Marie Kondo would say). It makes me feel at ease when everything has a place at the end of the day!

What can someone expect when hiring you? what do you discuss at a consultation?

When a client first reaches out, we set up a time to meet for a consultation. All of my consultations are FREE! After we discuss what the clients top priorities are we will talk about the willingness of the client to create keep, donate, and trash piles. I work alongside my client to create these piles.

I will then create a list of materials (bins, containers, baskets, etc.) that I will either shop for the client or they can chose to get themselves.

Once all materials are collected I will come back to organize that space. Then put the finishing touch on by labeling EVERYTHING!

What are some trends you have noticed in organizing/decorating?

Obviously everyone is watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo right now. Let’s face it, she’s adorable and super inspiring. However, she rarely brings in any containers for the clients belongings. In my opinion, containment is key!

When your belongings are contained and labeled it’s easier to find things and put them back where they belong. I’m a believer in bins!!

What are your go to products for keeping kids toys organized?

I personally love the fabric cubes from Target for the kids. They are large enough to fit the bigger cars and dolls. Yet small enough to fit a million super hero figurines! Tie a cute label around the handle and you have yourself an adorable organizational system!

The plastic and clear shoe boxes are great for craft supplies. We all know that messy toys need to be contained with a lid and put on the highest shelf possible.

Another feature I like to add into playrooms are hanging wall baskets. You can use a Command wall hook to hang a basket by the handle. I like putting crayons or wipes into these baskets, again, high up on the wall out of reach 😉

What are some of your favorite places to shop for organization tools/products?

Target is my go to for organizational products. All of their supplies are reasonably priced and add that decorative/adorable aspect too!

Bed Bath and Beyond is another favorite, especially because you never go in there without a 20% coupon. Their clear containers for kitchens and bathrooms are my favorite!

And of course there is The Container Store. I really only shop there when they have sales. But I could spend a whole day in there browsing around. It’s heavenly!

Bottom line is I do a lot of shopping around when purchasing items for a project. So my favorite is whoever has the best sales at the time!

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I love my job, I really do. Completing a job for a client is the best feeling in the world. To see them look completely inspired by the new space makes me want to keep going and do their entire house.

Living simply is a freeing way to live and I love helping my clients achieve that!

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