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The Gift of A Smile 

What do you give to the person who has everything? How about a smile?

This spring, a national market research firm reported that sales of lipstick are rising more than twice as fast as any other product in the beauty category. Known as the Lipstick Index, it’s used as the beauty industry’s leading economic indicator. 

If lipstick sales are up, that also means that smiles are back! 

The gift of orthodontic treatment can literally change someone’s life. Not only will they look better, but overall health is improved when oral health is better. It’s hard to get crooked teeth fully clean, which can lead to cavities or gum disease. When teeth are straight, they’re easier to care for. Confidence is another reason to improve your smile. After all, it’s the first thing people see. Many people with crooked teeth develop the habit of keeping their mouth closed for photos and holding a hand over their mouth to laugh. A great smile is a confidence booster.

What should you consider when gifting orthodontic treatment?

Is the person interested in making their smile beautiful? 

Unlike a candle or a sweater, the gift recipient needs to share your wishes for a lovely new smile. Finding out is relatively easy—start with a free consultation with a board-certified orthodontist. A free consultation should include free digital imaging, a thorough examination and a discussion about the best treatment options. 

Which treatment option do they want? 

There are so many different options today for orthodontic treatment. Does your gift recipient want to get their smile using Invisalign? The clear aligner trays are perfect for people who don’t want anyone to know they are working on their smile. The Invisalign system uses a series of aligner trays made with a state-of-the-art 3-D printer using digital images of the patient’s bite. Gradual changes in each of the trays gently and comfortably move the teeth into the correction position.

Braces have benefited from advances in material science and computer technology. Today’s braces are secured with brackets engineered to apply the right amount of force in the correct direction on each tooth. The arch wire, a think, flexible wire, is made from a wire with “memory” using robotic technology to move teeth precisely into place. The wires are more accurate than ever, and custom-designed using state-of-the-art software.

There’s another way to get a spectacular smile without anyone knowing that you are wearing braces. Braces placed behind the teeth, known as “lingual braces” are placed behind the teeth and can’t be seen. Not every person is a candidate—someone with a deep overbite won’t be able to use them. But they’re a great treatment option for people in the public eye who prefer to keep their treatment out of sight. 

When would they like to start orthodontic treatment? 

The sooner treatment starts, the sooner it’s done. Advances in technology have shortened the time of treatment for everyone. For people who are in a hurry, there are appliances to make treatment even shorter.  One option uses light vibrations for just five minutes a day to increase cellular activities around the teeth. Others rely on low-intensity light technology and there’s even the use of micro-perforations in the jaw bone, a quick, five-minute process that’s virtually painless.

Presenting the Gift – A Question of Style

The best way to present a gift of orthodontic treatment includes a gift basket with an electronic toothbrush, refills for the toothbrush, dental floss, orthodontic wax, toothpaste, mouthwash, and a small mirror. If you’re feeling generous, a water flosser would be a welcome part of the basket. The lucky person receiving this gift will think of you every time they smile!

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