Can Breast Reduction Improve Your Athletic Performance? | Huntington & Smithtown Moms

For many female athletes, smaller, more manageable breasts are desired,
especially if their breasts are large naturally after childbirth. For these
Mothers, it is not breast augmentation but rather breast reduction that can
best help them achieve the physique they are after. Breast reduction surgery
is exactly what it sounds like: it is a plastic surgery procedure in which the
breasts are reduced in size and volume.

For this procedure, Dr. Pincus will make one of two different types of incisions in your breasts. The lollipop incision requires an incision to be made around the areola, along with an additional incision that runs vertically down the center, lower pole of the breast, while the anchor incision starts as a lollipop incision but then requires an additional incision to be made along the inframammary fold (the lower crease of the breast). 

From here, Dr. Pincus will remove and/or redistribute some of the tissue and fat in your breasts to give you smaller, less burdensome breasts, along with a more aesthetically pleasing breast appearance.So how can Breast Reduction help you as a Mother?

Women (both athletes and non-athletes) choose to undergo breast reduction surgery for different reasons. Some of these reasons include pain management and being able to engage in the fun family activities and sports that they love. Women with overly large breasts have a much tougher time engaging in fun activities, such as sports (whether competitive or recreational). The breasts can easily get in the way and slow them down.

Besides the physical improvement to your body (making you lighter, sleeker, and more agile), you will also notice improved psychological effects of breast reduction surgery. You will find yourself with more comfort and confidence while playing, which means that you will be more successful in your particular sport. The improvement to your body and lifestyle does not stop with playing sports. Dancing and other high-energy activities will become fun again, and you’ll be able to enjoy more of what life has to offer you!

Interested in learning more about Breast Reduction? If you have any questions about breast reduction surgery, please schedule your consultation with Dr. David Pincus today by calling 631-352-3556 or visiting their website at

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