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  1. Can you tell us about yourself and your journey in establishing Tumbling Tunes?

Tumbling Tunes developed out of a love for working with children and wanting to help them grow and develop self-confidence by gaining success at different age-appropriate skills in a fun, safe environment. When my first child was 18 months old I could not find anything in my area that combined a sport with music for little ones. My bachelor’s degree is in Musical Theatre and music has always been an important part of my life. I also took gymnastics for 10 years as a child and found myself gaining confidence the further I progressed in the sport. My master’s degree is in Early Childhood Education. My mom taught pre-k for 30 years and I always loved being at her school and being around her students. All of these experiences helped me come up with the concept of Tumbling Tunes which started with just two Mommy and Me classes a week out of a dance studio. As the children in these classes grew and aged out, my parents kept asking me if I could start a class for older kids, so I did! We now offer gymnastics classes for children 2 1/2 – 8 years old, Music for Babies classes, Walkers – 3-year-old classes that combine music and movement with pre-k gymnastics, Art and Science classes, and partner classes with Yoga and Jiujitsu instructors. Aside from classes, children can also participate in our Summer Camp, Special Events, Parent’s Night Out, Open Play/Drop Off, Birthday Parties, and Active Kids Preschool.

2. What sets Tumbling Tunes apart from other daycare and gymnastics facilities?

I feel that Tumbling Tunes offers a little bit of everything that children love. It is unique in that we have two very different rooms that welcome and encourage children in many ways. Our preschool room is bright and colorful and doubles as our playroom during drop off, parties, and events. There is a craft area where we have science and art classes during the week and our preschoolers work on their fine motor skills. The playroom/pre-k room is spacious with many different nooks for the kids to explore. Our gym space is fully padded (even the walls in half of the space) and offers a colorful, safe place for children to develop physically as they explore and practice their skills.

3​. How do you envision Tumbling Tunes impacting the lives of children and families in the community?

Complementing the great space are the teachers, parents, and children that fill it. I have been very blessed with an amazing staff that truly love children and find creative and innovative ways to bring them to their next level of learning. They truly enjoy watching, listening to, and interacting with our young children. My Preschool teachers are all moms and each offers something different to the program, but together they are a fantastic team that anticipates and meets children’s needs with love and compassion and a warm shoulder to rest on. All of my staff is current with their CPR/first aid training and anyone helping in the gym area is also trained on specific spotting skills for the different equipment and general safety measures.

I have met so many amazing parents in my 15 years running Tumbling Tunes and Active Kids Preschool. My own children are now in mIddle school, high school and college so it is such a pleasure to work with little ones and really enjoy their personalities and hopefully offer some respite and a feeling of community to parents. You have a completely different perspective on parenting as your children get older and you look back at when they were little and wonder how you survived (and the kids too for that matter!). Having young children is exhausting but exhilarating!

4. Could you walk us through a typical day at Tumbling Tunes for the children and the activities they engage in?

A typical day at our facility begins with our preschoolers being welcomed in around 9am. They participate in various centers throughout the day, including the craft center, carpet center, and gym, interacting with their peers and learning how to navigate social situations while gaining independence and a deeper understanding of the world around them.
Our Mommy and Me and Music for Babies classes also run during the morning hours with children 6 months – 3 years exploring instruments, sounds, colors and sensory pads while developing their gross motor skills in our padded gym room. They learn much from observing one another as well. Our toddlers also learn beginning gymnastics skills like forward rolls and jumping as well as an introduction to skills on the bar, balance beam, vault, and trampoline. Midday, our preschoolers that choose to stay longer can participate in various classes such as Messy Art, Kitchen Science, Gymnastics, Yoga or Jiujitsu. Our afternoon hours are reserved for open play and drop off in our playroom where children can explore and learn while being fully supervised. These hours are for children aged 1 – 8 years. Late afternoon offers more Mommy and Me classes as well as gymnastics classes for children 3 – 8 years old. Our 3 – 5 year old classes introduce basic gymnastics skills in a fun, obstacle course style with games, bubbles and parachute activities towards the end of class. Our 5 – 8 year old classes build on these skills and help students learn more complex moves like handstands, cartwheels, flips, walkovers, handsprings on the vault and pullovers and hip circles on the bar. All of our classes are geared towards learning skills while having fun and gaining self-confidence. They are non- competitive.


You can find more information about Tumbling Tunes, their programs, birthday party information, and more they have to offer at

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